Conferences & workshops

April 4-8, 2022: Nationalism and Media, Antwerpen, Belgium

Presentation title: Nationalist Populism in Times of Pandemic: Using Social Media to Frame Elites as Enemies of the Nation

September 1-10: Workshop on Populism, New York, USA

Presentation title: Politics in the Vicinity of War. The New Face of Populist Nationalism in (Eastern) Europe – with a special focus on Romania

September 20-24, 2022: Alter Europa, Bucharest, Romania

Presentation title: Post-Pandemic Challenges in Political Communication: Conceptualising Vulnerability to Populist Narratives

October, 19-23, 2022: ECREA, Aarhus, Denmark

Presentation title: Is “corruption” a relevant topic for campaigning on Facebook? Evidence from Romania and the Republic of Moldova parliamentary elections (with Delia Balaban)

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